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 With the advent of new digital avionics systems, there has never been a better time than now to get rid of your tired, outdated panel, radio stack and maybe even that old vacuum pump thats starting to give up the ghost. Upgrade your old antiquated and inaccurate vacuum instruments with new digital models like the Garmin G5 that will not only make your flying experience easier, but also make it more enjoyable. If your autopilot has become more of a hindrance than a help, consider having a new digital Trutrak autopilot installed to reduce your workload while flying. With 20 years of avionics experience, I pride myself in delivering the very best in form, fit, and function in each and every installation I do. 



The ADS-B mandate is right around the corner! After Jan 1st 2020, ADS-B will be required to enter most any controlled airspace. See 14 CFR 91.225 & 91.227 for more details. Now is the time to meet the requirements before stocks get low and shops get backed up. Here at Flight Level, I specialize in installing the Stratus series transponder by Appareo. The Stratus units are an affordable, stand alone unit that replaces your old transponder and can either operate by using its own WAAS antenna (ESG models), or by using a digital input from an approved WAAS GPS source (ES model). CALL TO SCHEDULE TODAY!!!

Scheduled & Unscheduled Maintenance Services


Flight Level offers a full line of maintenance service:


100hr Inspections

Pre Buy Inspections

Dynamic Prop Balancing

Corrosion X Treatment

SID 97-3 Fuel Pressure Testing

Sheet Metal Repairs

And all of your Unscheduled Maintenance Needs

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